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Donovan Eckstrom

Host and Artistic Director.
An University of Alberta Education alumni, Donovan has a career as a Teacher in the Edmonton School System. With a love for comedy and a history in performance, this saxophone playing, Rhinoceros party candidate is excited to turn his gaze towards showcasing the vibrant community in Edmonton.

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John Makuch


My first foray into comedy began when I memorized the "cab drivers joke book" my father found at a garage sale. My father swears things haven't improved since.


James hastings

Technical Director and Cameraman.

James is a cinematographer, colourist, gaffer, and sketch comedy creator with his production company Cinema Wagon.

To see James' work, visit his YouTube Page.


Joshua Edison

Executive Director and Producer.

Joshua is a graduate of the Arts and Cultural Management program at Macewan University. With many years of musical theatre performance and various entrepreneurial endeavours behind him, he is proud to be able to help develop and support local talent.